Stories: 2021

“Our Story is Nothing Special and it’s Everything Special,”

The Curtis Family

By Karin Curtis

We’ve always hoped to adopt. Even when my husband Dylan and I were college students, dating and still dreaming of marriage and family, adoption was part of our earliest conversations. So a few years into marriage when our first son was a year old, we were excited and ready to start our adoption journey. We had a deep desire to adopt an already waiting child, and therefore quickly turned our focus to international toddler adoption.

But the basic conversations as we prepared to submit our agency application in 2011 changed everything. We looked at our finances, careers, and the life we were building for our family and realized we had been clinging to the illusion of control in our lives, pretending all was as it should be and hoping God would bless our plans. In reality, we were struggling financially (financing an adoption was out of the question) and our family priorities were out of line. We didn’t want to believe it, but we weren’t ready to adopt.

The next several years were hard and beautiful, a journey that was definitely not what we had planned. We faced job changes, long-distance and local moves, financial ups and downs, and a new community and church. We suffered two miscarriages and rejoiced in two more sons. We experienced deep spiritual, personal, and marriage growth that we hadn’t known we needed. His work in us is not finished, but we are different people and parents than we were ten years ago.

Through it all, our dream of adopting never faded- it shone brighter. Each year we wondered and prayed and cried and hoped, filled with awe and joy as we watched adoption stories unfold around us. Would this dream ever be a reality for us? How could we ever afford this? Our hearts still ached to welcome another child into our family.

In 2019, we completely surrendered our plans to the Lord. What did God have for us? We were open to anything – whether God was calling us to domestic adoption, foster care, international adoption, or something we weren’t even considering – we stopped planning and honestly just wanted to seek His will. Months of prayer and discussion and agency meetings rekindled the fire in our hearts for international adoption and led us to the waiting children with medical special needs in China.

God provided our initial funding through our church. We humbly submitted our adoption application in early 2020 and have spent this pandemic year journeying through our homestudy and paperwork and trusting our Father more deeply than ever. We hope to be matched and bring our next little Curtis- boy or girl- home in 2021!

Our story is nothing special and it’s everything special. It’s the work of God in a normal family and the way He’s used adoption to shape and grow us before we’ve even welcomed a child home.

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