November is National Adoption Month!

November, 1, 2017.

Originally started by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 as National Adoption Week and then expanded to a full month by President Bill Clinton in 1995, National Adoption Month was a campaign to raise awareness of the hundreds of thousands of foster children awaiting adoption in the U.S.  Today, while that is still a primary focus of the month, the scope has expanded over the years to include raising awareness of any adoption-related topic including domestic and international adoption, foster care, foster-to-adopt, the worldwide orphan crisis, best practices in orphan care, trauma, open adoption, orphan prevention and family reunification and much, much more.

Since we here at ONE17 firmly believe the best way to bring awareness and Create a Ripple Effect of Care is through story, we are excited to spend National Adoption Month sharing stories with you, right here on the ONE17 website.

Stop by tomorrow to read the story of one of the two October grant recipients. Then come back regularly throughout the month of November to read the second family’s story and posts by guest authors and bloggers on topics from all sides of adoption.

Have a story you ‘d like to share? (These stories should be personal experience and not be geared toward advice or opinion.) Email us at and we just might share your story!


November is National Adoption Month!