Grant FAQs



Q: Can you mail/email the grant application?

A: The grant application is only available through our website, ONE17.ORG/APPLY  and only available when the application period is open. 


Q: Who is  eligible to apply for a ONE17 grant?

A: Families or singles who have a completed homestudy (or homestudy update if this is not your first adoption), have an agreement with a 501c3 licensed adoption agency and are PRE-Placement.


Q: What kind of adoptions qualify for a grant?

A:  We support both domestic and international adoptions of children any age.


Q: When does the application become available on the website?

A: Our ability to supply grants is based solely on funding. We usually announce a few days in advance on Facebook and Instagram. 


Q: How are grant recipients notified?

A:  All grant recipients are notified directly, by a phone call from our Grant Discernment Committee.


Q: Can we apply more than once?

A:  Yes, you may apply twice.  Our system does not allow for the saving of applications however, so your second application will have to be submitted from scratch.


Q: What is the process if we are awarded a grant?  

A: Once you have received a phone call from our Grant Discernment Committee, you will receive an email with final instructions on how to claim your grant.  Checks are mailed within 30 days.


Q: Do you award grants based on income?

A: There is no set limit on income though financial need is a factor in our review process. Many other factors will also be considered.


Q: What are the criteria for receiving a grant?

A: Our Grant Discernment Committee reads and prays over every application we receive. We carefully consider if your adoption story fits within our mission and vision:

To fund adoption STORIES that INFLUENCE OTHERS to ACT on behalf of the orphan and create a RIPPLE EFFECT of care.

Your story and it’s potential impact are our greatest determiners, followed closely by urgency and financial need.