Don’t Give Up on Your Miracle, By Mandy Cormier

This little girl, Adriana, is my miracle. During the adoption process, there was a time when I almost let others convince me to give up on her. Her case was actually a “hopeless case” headed for the Supreme Court and I was told to grieve and move on because there was no way it would go in my favor and it could be 3-4 years before I found out anything. Fast forward a bit, I had an updated home study, paperwork, etc. ready to mail off to begin pursuing twin girls that my agency felt were a perfect fit for me.  I was excited because I always dreamed of having twin girls. The agency didn’t even know that, so I thought it was God’s way of comforting me through the loss of Adriana, which was really hard to accept.

It was a Friday. I held the big sealed envelope that was ready to be shipped to begin the process of adopting the twins. I knew that as soon as I dropped that envelope in the mail, I was canceling every possible chance of being Adriana’s mom. That Friday afternoon, I could NOT make myself drop that envelop into the mail.

Fast forward to the very next week. I got a phone call that everything had turned around in Adriana’s case (the case that was supposedly hopeless and impossible) and that there was now a good chance things would go in my favor. Had I dropped that envelope in the mail the week before, I would have been turning in all of the paperwork that basically cancelled everything for Adriana.

Not long after things turned around (the case didn’t have to go to Supreme Court to add at least another year or 3 to the wait), I met this beautiful angel and became her MOM! We are the perfect match. I am so thankful that I didn’t give up on my miracle even though I was so close to letting others convince me to do so. I knew in my heart that she was my daughter the second I saw her picture and read seven sentences about her.

This little girl is proof of why you shouldn’t give up on YOUR miracle either.

Mandy was the recipient of the very first ONE17 Adoption Grant.  You can read more about her adoption of Adriana on her blog (this blog follows her journey from the time she announced she was adopting through her first few days with Adriana)  You can also see the happiest little girl around in this sweet videoshe shared with us last fall. 

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Don’t Give Up on Your Miracle, By Mandy Cormier